Did you get busted for speeding or a DUI/DWI?


(Were you speeding like a racecar driver?)


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We have some answers for your speeding and DUI/DWI questions

When it comes to laws that govern speeding tickets, you definitely shouldn’t have to worry about what you need to know and how to proceed following an accident or an arrest.

From the suburbs of Raleigh, to Portland’s rainy mountain highways, to the canvass-worthy interstate swaths criss-crossing the Chihuahuan Desert of Arizona and Texas, there are rules and regulations which can vary significantly depending on where you are. Wherever you happen to find yourself, know that you are not alone, and that we at BernieSez have got you covered with complete FAQ’s and connections to legal professionals who can help.

Find your state-specific guide to speeding & DUIs

State Guide 1 Guide 2 Guide 3
Alabama TrafficDUI
Alaska Traffic
Arizona TrafficDUI
Arkansas Traffic
California TrafficDUI
Colorado Traffic
Connecticut Traffic
Delaware Traffic
Florida TrafficDUI
Georgia TrafficDUI
Hawaii Traffic
Idaho Traffic
Illinois TrafficDUI
Indiana TrafficOWI
Kansas Traffic
Kentucky Traffic
Louisiana Traffic
Maine Traffic
Maryland TrafficDUI/DWI/OWI
Massachusetts Traffic DUI/OUI
Michigan TrafficOWI
Minnesota Traffic
Missouri TrafficDUI
Montana Traffic
Nebraska Traffic
Nevada Traffic
New Hampshire Traffic
New Jersey TrafficDUI
New Mexico Traffic
New York TrafficDWI
North Carolina TrafficDWI Part 1DWI Part 2
North Dakota Traffic
Ohio TrafficOVI
Oklahoma Traffic
Oregon Traffic
Pennsylvania TrafficDUI 1DUI 2
Rhode Island Traffic
South Carolina TrafficDUI
South Dakota Traffic
Tennessee TrafficDUI
Texas TrafficDWI
Utah Traffic
Vermont Traffic
Virginia TrafficDUI
Washington Traffic
West Virginia Traffic
Wisconsin TrafficOWI
Wyoming Traffic

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