State: Colorado County: Douglas

I accidentally missed my traffic court date and I called the next day to apologize and reschedule. I was told reacheduling was unnessesary and that I could just come in that day. I agreed.

On my way to the courthouse, my car died and was in need of serious repair. I called court again and explained and apologized again and was told I could come in on Monday but I told them that my car wouldn’t be fixed for quite some time. They understood and told me to “come in as soon as I could”. I agreed.

I got my car fixed after about 2 weeks and called to check in and make sure everything was ok. I was then told that I wouldn’t be offered a plea because my ticket was “in default”(?) because I had missed my court date.

All I want is a new court date and a plea bargain to reduce to points on the ticket. How can I do that?

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