State: North Carolina County: ORANGE

How “negotiable” is the ORANGE CO. NC District Attorney’s office likely to be for my driving 50 mph in a 35-mph zone, on a clear day with light traffic, on a very steep hill that exits the UNC-CH campus onto 4-lane Raleigh Rd.? The ticketing officer said he included in his report that (1) I was courteous & honest; (2) my last moving violation was in 1995 (22 years ago); and (3) that I was unfamiliar with driving my wife’s vehicle, and had trouble down-shifting in its “manual-transmission mode” as I tried to reduce my speed on the steep hill. I’ve also read a post from Dirk Evans on this website from Jan. 30, 2017, after which being stopped for virtually the same offense by apparently the same officer at the same location, the officer recommended that he pursue whether the DA’s office would reduce his charge to “improper equipment.” So, what’s my best course of action?  P.S. I’ve also ordered a certified copy of my Driving Record, and am willing to take a Driving Course before my court date.

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