State: Massachusetts County: Suffolk

Hi everyone it’s Alyssa from Boston. I’m 19 years old and I got stopped at a DUI checkpoint when i was driving with one of my friends on the 4th of July. We were bringing some things to a cookout that my mom bought at star market because she wanted to get her nails done, and when we got stopped I had my music up kind of loud and I guess that meant the officer wanted to make sure we weren’t drunk. We definitely werent, but when he looked in the car he saw a six pack in one of the bags which i TOTALLY DID NOT KNOW was even there. and I’m really not trying to get my mom in trouble because i know that can happen but can i fight this if it was just an honest mistake and everyone can say we weren’t drinking? Please HELP! I can’t get my license suspended because I need to commute to school in August and thats in like a month. If there’s any tips anyone has here please let me know because this doesn’t seem like a fair law to me. thanks

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