I’m on vacation in NJ visiting a friend and we decided to hire a car and drive up to Canada.
On our way there, last Friday I was issued with a Traffic citation for “alledgly” being speeding up over the limit.
My cruise control was in 60 mph, but there was an area were the speed was reduced to 55 mph and I didn’t notice it.

A police officer pulled me over stating I was doing 83 mph, when I tried to explain him that the car console showed 60 and the average was 62mph, he didn’t seem to be interested in hearing me or anything more than how I was going to pay the fine which is $150
Coming with additional costs and surcharges.

My question is, I have a European driving license.. I live in UK but I’m from Spain, I’m currenly in a ESTA Visa as tourist.
Apparently, they can issue a bench warrant for my arrest if I don’t pay. (He took my friend’s address in NJ).

I would like to be back in U.S at some point in the future, not worrying about being arrested when I step in any state.

If I plead not guilty, I would have to show up in the courts.. which is obviously not worth it.
If I plead guilty and pay. The payment system seems to be done for nationals and not foreigners. I don’t have a cheque in dollars and no way I’m going to involved my friend on this.

Is this a very serious offense? Please, correct me if I’m wrong.
In order for the magistrate to issue a warrant arrest, there has to be a trial and the officer needs to show up?
If he doesn’t show up, there is no bench warrant and the whole fine is dropped?

Will I still come up in some system? Or being stopped from entering in the U.S in the future?
I really don’t mind paying $150 for my personal “peace of mind”, but not sure if I can make it once I’m back in Europe.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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