State: North Carolina County: WAKE

I just moved to NC after living in NJ for 20 years and never got a ticket.

Another day, I was going to pick my son up at school at Roberts Rd in Cary and got stopped by an  officer.  He stated in the ticket that I was going 40mph in a 25mph school zone. However, the sign is “school zone – 35mph”, not 25.  In this case, I was just 5mph over in a school zone. I took pictures of the sign and record the road all the way to the school.  I also got my NC Driving Record and it’s completely clean.  I want to know if I have to get a Driving Record from NJ also.

Another thing is that in 2015 I was struck from behind by another vehicle. It was not at my fault and the lawsuit still going on because I got injured and had surgery.  Does this ticket affect my case?

Do you think I should take the Defensive Driving Course?

Please tell me what should I do.

Thank you.

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