I just got a speeding ticket for going 81 in a 65 yesterday afternoon. My toddler was on the car. I was having marrital issues. I was angry and didn’t realize I was goin 81. I was angry and driving 3 hours away to stay at family’s and wanted to get there before it got dark. Again, it was just me and my almost 2 year old. The officer gave me a court date (no fine) because I was “going so much over” it is up to the judge. I have to appear in Pottsboro , NC court. Can’t remember the last time I got a speeding ticket or any ticket for that matter. I don’t even speed over 5 miles over and most the time I am 5 miles under. We just moved to charlotte 3 months ago. How’s my case looking?

My child wasn’t ON the car. He was in the backseat in his carseat! And, I
meant, Pittsboro, NC. Do I get a lawyer or defend myself? I don’t want to
get arrested or be away from my son. Any advice would be appreciated.

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