State: North Carolina County: WAKE

I was traveling west on Hwy 64 in Wake county moving with traffic. I realized the vehicle in front of me was slowing down and I wasn\’t sure why, I decided to go around him which I did after checking my mirror. After going around him, I pulled back into the right lane and proceeded to exit the road when I noticed a police car with flasher on. I pulled over and asked the officer what I had done wrong. He replied that I was speeding. I said that I was driving with traffic and didn\’t realize I was speeding. His response “we were all speeding, the speed limit is 55 and we were all driving 65”. He told me that when I moved to the left lane to pass, my speed increased to 72 mph and when I moved back into the right lane my speed was 70mph. I really believe if he had continued to track my speed, he would have seen that I was going about 60 mph when he pulled me over as I was getting ready to exit the road. I now have to appear in court on June 22, 2017 and have tried to change the date as I will be out of the state on vacation at that time.

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