State: California County: Alameda

My daughter and I were driving to get to my mom’s house (she is sick) to deliver some pain medicine that she had left at my house. I cam up on a big hole in the road and had to swerve around it. When I did, there was a cop right there who plled me over. I thoink he thought I was drunk even though it was only in the morning. He immediately recognized me from some prior stops and asked me if he could searh the car. I told him no because we had to get to my mom’s house and he searched it anyway and foud some oxycontin in the console plus an old piece of burned tinfoil that I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WAS THERE!!! Then he he charged me with possession and took me in. On top of all that he made me call my ex to pick up my daghter let alone what happedn to my mom and her pain for not getting the meds. Help!

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