State: Pennsylvania County: Indiana

BS ticket, yada yada yada. It was early on the turnpike and I was the one guy out of a sea of cars to get pulled over and cited.

I was travelling the speed limit, it was 7am, and there wasn’t anyone out working. No flashing signs that said “active work zone when flashing,” however was told it’s a “24/7 365” workzone and was cited. Officer wrote the ticket down to 5 over instead of my actual speed (turnpike speed limit is 70, was clocked at 73, and written up for speeding in a 55mph workzone).

Pretty annoyed with this whole situation and really can’t afford the points. I travel a lot for work mostly by vehicle. The money isn’t really¬†the issue. It’s a $180 fine which I’d rather just pay instead of waste time in court IF I don’t get any points.

I found 5 mph in PA doesn’t carry any points, but wasn’t sure if this was still the case because it was a workzone.


Thanks in advance.

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