State: New York County: (Brooklyn)

Hi I found this site while we were pantin and looking for food as weve been low on everything since we found out about this,, we had to run home because we had my 2lb dog andour cat to find care for and then wait for odsp for 5 days to pay rent so wed have a home to come back to.. we did go the 23rd.. we are being booked for a BE but my wife was actually almos raped and I managed to pull her through a window to save her.. wont go into details to much.. k she calls cops and we both booked for b/e I had warrant in Quebec from 10 years so they arrest me nd let her go.. now we are both on odsp and she is in the cmha program for disabled people we also missed or figure printing las time but came in the next week cause the same thing happened.. the cops didn’t believe us.. I showed them everything.. I was 1 vs 4 guys threatening them to get away from her n me like wtffff no sign whatsoever I entered that house and now I believe cause were both sick and have no fam no friends no nothing that we would never see each other again.. but I live in Ontario.. any lawyer here give me osme info please.,. I’m going o turn ourselfs in tomorrow with a lawyer each and Canadian menta health advocate and hope to get released with promise to appear again… ty oh and the guys who tried to do it are known drug dealers and etcetc I have a record but no drugs.. only drikin charges when I was 10 years younger.. nevr charged while I was not drinking also arresting officere was always tweisting words telling one is saying one thing while other says the other stuf but we both know truth so we stuck toi t.. and it was the same.. I got out of Quebec 2 weeks later. missed m court date 5 days later because Ontario or Quebec lost my form with my promise to appear when we FIRST got arrested.. so we have 2 miss to appear now.. but we did show up a week later this time on same date same as the finger printing that we mssed last time before that.. please even if you have diff laws ty my wife is very sick and we are dying here literally.. and no officer has come in 2 weeks so we are weirded out. cuzwe both are so easy tofind and get

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