State: North Carolina County: MECKLENBURG

So I got pulled over the other day because a cop smelled pot, and it was, admittedly, me as I had smoked a joint about a half hour earlier while getting home from out of town. I’m diabetic and forgot i hadn’t eaten breakfast that day- long conference the day before and I was pretty tired out. Well while i was sitting there being detained I started feeling really lightheaded and when I told the cop I needed to get something to eat out of my bag he said no and to stay where i was. Ended up getting out of the car later and stumbling and hitting my head on the concrete. Well I still have this ticket but I also kind of feel like I wasn’t treated right, is that worth anything in a court of law? I’m willing to hire a lawyer to fight the charge which i would like dropped anyway if at all possible. Just want to know if my injury has any weight against this kind of situation.

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