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State: New York County: New York City

So i have a ticket for overdue inspection .I ended up junking the car and getting a new one, which I planned on doing anyways. I missed my first court date, rescheduled and missed the rescheduled date and the day after I had realized I missed the 2nd traffic court date  I went down there in person and rescheduled.  I asked if I was going to jail she said I doubt it honey.she said don’t miss this 3rd one tho because then u could be in trouble.

While it’s not a criminal matter where a bench warrant will be placed on you, it is important that you or an attorney attend that last rescheduled appearance. If not, they will suspend your license, so if you get pulled over you will get another ticket for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license and the car will be towed costing you hundreds of dollars. It’s more of a pain in the neck and inconvenience moreso than anything else. Many attorneys will go to court on your behalf so you wont even have to apoear. Just sign an affidavit of guilty plea to allow the attorney to accept a plea on your behalf. Thats what we do here in our firm. Our clients never have to go to Court for traffic tickets.

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