Please help me. I missed my court date for a train ticket that i couldent find on charlotte city lynx and da said he would dismiss it at second court date but I forgot to get there honestly and i have no bad record and now there a ofa on me and i talked to sheriffs deputy and he said will just arrest you and i said but im working now and productive member of society and i could become homeless again if arrested and lose job, because i have no family to help me. And he said o well. I said why would they do that to me and make another person homeless and lose his job, they dident care. What do I do, and how do I find the DA who likes me and said he likes to see people recovering from hardship and help me. I dont wont to lose my job and go to jail. Please help me. Please Im also on medication. I heard about someone dying in jail because of insulin. just the other day a person died in jail cause they shut his water off to his cell. Help me. I belong a productive member of society I dont know what to do. Im afraid to go down there cause they might say screw my own recognisance.

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