State: California County: Los Angeles

Dear All.

In summer 2007 I was driving up highway 1 and I am caught for speeding.

At the time I was leaving to go back to Denmark when I receive a court order to show in California due to this violation.

I decide to ignore it (due to money and time) and travel back to Denmark.

Now 10 years later I need to visit Boston in Massachusetts for a business trip and I am afraid that this old case will show up at the immigration screen when entering the country again – and get arrested.

Can anyone advise me on the following

1: Is this an issue and do you see a risk for me entering the USA again

2: If I need certainty on this topic – who can I contact in California to get clarity on this?

Although I state it was the county of Los Angeles I cant really remember so I could be any county along the coast.


Thank you very much for your help

Best, Anders

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