2016 Jan 9 was my friends bday. Moved and now lives in Las Vegas; got drunk, jealous and it get a bit out of hand to were cops were called and the only reason they even arrested me was because I told them we were a couple at one point. Apparently you can’t get on a fight we’re cops get involved if you have any connections with the person. The cop even told my friend that if we didn’t say anything we both would have walked off. Fast forward after spending a couple nights in jail. Bail bonds and now an attorney for the court stuff. Because I thought. Fine. Just fix it for me. At least that’s what I thought getting an attorney was gonna do. No, instead they pleaded guilty and the court ordered me to take domestic violence classes and pay a fine. Bam. Okay normal person would go. Let’s get this done fixed. Worked out. No. I went down hill from there. Depression, anxiety, basically I need mental help but I haven’t really been able to go. Again. Same thing. Life happens so… Yeah, a year later I haven’t done the classes. Haven’t paid the court fine and now I have to pay another fine plus the first fine and the classes. I’m drowning. ???


Any advice or suggestions will forever be appreciated.


Even thinking about just showing up and tell them to do what they want. I’m poor, broke and getting old.

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