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State: Colorado County: Boulder

I was heading westbound on Highway 36 in Boulder County on 5/25/17 at 14:25PM on the left express lane and did not realize how fast I was going and received a speeding ticket for 92 in a 65MPH zone. The boxes for traffic citation and aggressive driver are checked on my ticket. I was not driving aggressively, only going too fast. I received a summons instead of a ticket because apparently in the state of Colorado if you are going over 25MPH over the speed limit you automatically get a summons? I was going 27 MPH over the speed limit according to the officer. I honestly had no idea I was going that fast. This is my first Colorado speeding ticket in many years as far as I can remember and the only other speeding ticket I have gotten in the last couple of years was one in September 2015 in California while I was out there on vacation. I paid the ticket and that was that. Does that count against me here? My biggest concern is the points, even though I have a good driving record. I am just trying to figure out how to handle this because I have no idea how this works. I have never had to go to court for a traffic offense in my life.

Hello Anonymous, Correct, anything 25 and over requires a court appearance, and most times the officer charges aggressive driving as well. My name is Eric Sims Jr., and my firm is Flatirons Litigation, LLC. (http://flatironslegalgroup.com). I have successfully defended many speeding tickets along with much more serious offense. My cell is (720) 318-5969. Feel free to contact me and set up a free initial consultation.

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