State: North Carolina County: DAVIDSON

Recently was issued a ticket for 79 mph in 70. I was actually going much faster than this, but officer courteously dropped it to 9 mph over on the spot. I know, it’s my fault, but any ticket at all is no good for my license. Chances of this getting reduced to improper equipment, or at a lower speed? Additionally, can the police officer RAISE my actual speed in court if I contest this as “not guilty”? If I plead not guilty, it would be very unfortunate to be charged with my original speed (of about 95 mph). The state is North Carolina.

– Probably was actually going 95 in a 70, and interstate was clear with no vehicles around me. The ticket states under the category of Speed with “P 98”. Not sure what this lingo means but I assume it could be the speed the officer originally clocked me at, before he reduced it. The ticket is only charging me with 79 in 70, however.

-Vehicle is 15 years old

– I only have one other moving violation, which was reduced to improper equipment after taking a defensive driving course (2 years ago). Currently, my license record is clean.

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