State: North Carolina County: PENDER

Driving down US 17 the road turned into I 140/US 17.  I 140/US 17 was 70 mph so I was driving at 70 mph.  Apparently I 140/US 17 ran out and became only US 17 but no speed limit change had been posted.  I was driving (with out of state tags) along with traffic and happened to be the last car in a line of 5 driving the same speed.  I got pulled over.  I told him that I had not seen a speed limit sign that changed from 70 to 55 and The officer said he “didn’t know why they do that” but gave me a ticket anyway.  $218.00 worth.  I am 53 years old and this is my very first EVER ticket.  I always obey the speed limit and think this is very unfair.  I plan to fight this….which means I have to drive all the way to Pender county ( nearly 3 hours) and probably still pay court costs for something that really is the counties fault and not mine.  What are my options?  I think they should pay me to go all the way there to fight this!  🙂

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