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Inbound and Outbound Court Case Leads for Lawyers
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Are you a lawyer in good standing with your State BAR and in need of new clients?

BernieSez provides attorneys with easy to use tools to acquire new clients.

Free inbound leads plus 14-day free trial of outbound NC and PA court data

Direct Mail Marketing Lists

Same access to court system data —cheaper price! Search offense codes, demographics, or by court dates. Print mailing labels in seconds. Receive labels automatically by email every morning. Download Excel files. All right from your web browser.

View and Make Offers on Uploaded Cases*

View traffic tickets, criminal, and other cases uploaded by people looking for lawyers to handle their case. Search for specific types of cases. View the actual document images. Make offers on cases you find attractive.

Client Watch

Enter your former and existing client details, and be alerted automatically the morning after they receive another citation in NC or PA, giving you a chance to contact them before they receive lawyer letters.

Simple Case Management Tools

Communicate and share files with your client via integrated messaging. Use the task tool to assign tasks and to-do items. View tasks and your court dates on an interactive calendar.

Get Paid Securely Online*

Win and get paid securely by your client, before you begin working on the case.

*via PayPal, LawPay, or your own website payment page.

Free inbound leads plus 14-day free trial of outbound NC and PA court data