Do you need to contact the DA or State Prosecutor on your own?

(Cause you don’t need no lawyer…you can do this thang on yer own)

Check out our list of District Attorneys, Solicitors General, and other State Prosecutors

Whether you’re an attorney or a citizen, finding the contact information for State Prosecutors can be difficult. While there are plenty of databases of attorneys, by the city, state, areas of practice, etc., there isn’t a comprehensive, accurate listing of all the State Prosecutors across the United States.  So we decided to do this.  It will take some time to amass all of this info, but we are giving this a shot.  Check back periodically if your State is not listed in the table below.

For Attorneys

For most attorneys, the cases they work on are going to be within their local area. They know the local DA, the judges, and other attorneys in the area. That means they know the courts and what to expect when they take on a case.

But when their practice takes them out of their local area, or they need some information from another district or state, they usually need to reach out to an unfamiliar State Prosecutor. Until now, this meant searching for the information online to find contact information.

Most attorneys who have been in this type of situation have found that the contact information for a District Attorney or other State Prosecutor is often not readily available. Either the information available is incomplete, out-of-date, or just incorrect. In many cases, the data is not available at all.

If you’re an attorney, you know how frustrating it can be to need some specific information for a case or other situation. With a database of the most current, accurate contact information for State Prosecutors across the United States, you will have a comprehensive, readily available resource. That’s contact information for nearly 3,000 District Attorneys, Solicitor Generals, and other resources right at your fingertips.  We are not there yet, but will get there eventually.

For the Public

Unlike local attorneys, the legal issues of the general public are likely to happen just about anywhere. A speeding ticket three states away, a car wreck on vacation, or even being accused of a crime far from home, there are times when someone needs specific contact information for legal issues fast.

Not only does having contact information for local State Prosecutors exactly when it’s needed provide peace of mind, but it can also save someone a significant amount of time, money, and more legal issues. Even if a legal problem comes up in someone’s hometown or county, having the right contact information can make a big difference financially and legally.

If you’ve ever gotten a speeding ticket, been in an accident, or any other situation that involves the legal system, then you know how it feels not to know where to turn. Do you want to spend money unnecessarily for an attorney or pay more fines and fees than you have to? Do you have options and alternatives available for your particular situation? Sometimes you can plead your case directly to the local DA and get your case reduced or even thrown out.  So if you are feeling up to it and want to save some legal $, find your DA in the list below and give him a call or send him an email.

State County Name Email Phone Address

But if you want help from a pro…

Yea, sometimes it might be easy to get the DA to reduce or even throw out your case.  But sometimes it’s not.  And sometimes you are too busy to f**k with all of this stuff.  For those times, get yourself a pro.  Click the button below to post your case on BernieSez and find a lawyer for your case.