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David - Prominent VC in Raleigh

“I don’t get it.”

Jan - Angel Investor

“Good idea, but I don’t think those 2 (old) guys can pull it off.”

Alex - Prominent VC

“Your background is geology???  Sheeeit! Might as well end this meeting right now and go home…total waste of time.”


“You vaguely make the point that Google will tap into the content you create to drive traffic to your website, but your application should clearly connect the dots between content, search, and more leads you generate for your lawyer/clients.”

Startup Factory

Not interesting.”


Just another website or twist on a product with many competitors or alternatives.”

Web Marketing Guru

The name BernieSez sucks. You need to change it IMMEDIATELY to something with a reference to legal matters, or else your website will NEVER work.”


“I don’t think you’ve adequately proven that your product can overcome these challenges in its current configuration.”

AdWords Expert

“It doesn’t matter if you get a ton of organic traffic. If you can’t make the math work for paid (Ad) channels, then you are never going to be able to scale this. EVER.”

Digital Expert

“If you can’t monetize this, then what the hell is the point of all that traffic?”


***** Stars *****

Melissa Nelson

“I unfortunately got a ticket and even though you receive numerous offers in the mail I was able to look up and get suggestions of who sent you offers through Bernie sez. It did make things alot easier online instead of having to drive across the state in my case because of a ticket. I appreciate the suggestion and reviews to help make my decision on who to use.”

Dasha Kabanova

“The website was user friendly; I finished inputting information in less than 10 minutes. Everything was either self-explanatory or an answer was provided. It is a well prepared site and a great service for your inconvenient legal issues. Will be back.”

Shane Sellstrom

“The site was easy to use, and made it easy to find a reasonably priced lawyer to help with my traffic ticket. I would use it again.”

Komal Patel

“It was not only quick and easy but also stress free. I was so relieved to have them take care of the business aspect of things so that I can concentrate on the recovery process. For me, they have shown me how caring, and professional they are. I highly recommend them to anyone!!”

Sophia Lucente

“Extremely user-friendly! A cost-effective way to find and benefit from legal counsel.”

Garey Williams

“Take the stress out of your ticket and let these folks help you! I have said it before and I will say it again. Thank God for BernieSez.”

Stephen Merritt

“I think this is a great idea. Thankfully I haven’t had any traffic tickets in recent years, but I know the importance of getting a good attorney to represent me. My son had a flurry of violations in the early college years, and we had good representation. Keep up the good work.”

Brendan Garcia

“BernieSez is a great online resource for anyone who has received a traffic citation or for anyone who needs to quickly find an attorney for other types of cases.

When you upload a picture of your traffic citation, local attorneys will place bids on how much they will charge to represent you in court. This makes it not only quick but economical to find legal assistance.”

Jason Wheeley

“I was introduced to this wonderful tool early on. I have found legal representation using the software, but do believe it’s intended target group are traffic citations etc, while mine wasn’t for a motor vehicle violation. Only a matter of time before this takes off even further, great concept T.M. and the gang! Keep up the service!”

Rosa Williams

“I really find BernieSez the most easy and awesome way to resolve my traffic ticket! I have immediately response with an attorney ,he represent to me in my case and keep me update until my case got diminish !! and I did not have to take time off from work! I could never have the same result with out BernieSez support!”

Sophia Moore

“Found a great lawyer to help me with my ticket for reasonable price. I recommend it! It’s an awesome site!”

Joshua Lamb

“I highly recommend this service. Simple, quick and easy. Everyone should use this if the situation arises.”

Mirella Alfaro

“Very helpful site for traffic tickets! You can find a lawyer quick and it’s simple.”

Yanira Campos

“I don’t know why someone didn’t come up with this sooner! It was so simple to use and it found a great lawyer.”

Elspeth Crawford

“BernieSez is a fantastic resource for those who have received a traffic ticket and need help! Whether it’s answering FAQs, or finding an attorney to represent you, BernieSez can help you connect with a North Carolina licensed traffic attorney and the information you’re looking for. It’s been a pleasure working with them!”

Israel B. Garcia, Jr.

“Awesome service and awesome customer service representatives to assist with all questions in navigating the site. You guys need to open up in Texas! Keep up the fantastic work!”

Karl Knudsen

“BernieSez is a very innovative and effective way for clients to connect with skilled attorneys to help them with traffic and other legal issues. It is particularly helpful for people who get a ticket away from home.”

Allison Mendiola

“Really quick and easy in finding someone in helping me with my citation!”

Kenner Kee

My case did not get picked up due to the fact where I got my ticket they are still in the stone age I think. This is a great service to use and very user friendly to get going.

Mark Wirth

“I like how easy it is to get the lowest offer. I have used this app twice now for speeding tickets and have been able to save $100 roughly with court fees and lawyer cost. Will keep using app for every moving violation.”

Christina McGlashan

“Fast, understanding, reliable!! Thanks a bunch!”

José Salas-Ayala

“It’s easy to use and I found a great lawyer quick!”

Renorda Pryor

“BernieSez is all that a solo practitioner needs to begin their practice: Clients! This program provides a wide array of potential clients that you have an opportunity to review their case and then decide whether the potential client is a fit for you and your practice. BernieSez has succeeded in taking the pressure of added cost for marketing and development. It is a great tool and easy to use.”

Shawndria McCoy

“BernieSez is an amazing resource for traffic and personal injury attorneys and for individuals looking for attorneys. It is simple and convenient and cuts down on the work attorneys have to do when mailing advertisements to potential clients. I recommend the service hands down.”

Dan Samas

“As an experienced traffic ticket lawyer in the Seattle area and business owner, I understand that it is sometimes difficult for motorists to find a qualified lawyer in their particular geographic area. BernieSez helps individuals simplify this search process.”

Ray Beaird

“I used this service for a ticket I received out of my county. I received several bids and all I had to do was send them a check. It was fast, simple and very convenient. Give them a shot and you won’t be disappointed!”

Taylor Hastings

“BernieSez connects lawyers and clients efficiently so that fees can remain affordable. It’s awesome!”



BernieSez provides attorneys with simple tools to acquire new clients

  • Free inbound leads
  • Free client monitoring (avail in NC and PA)
  • Free automated alerts and messaging
  • Court data subscriptions in NC and PA (14-day free trial)
  • Full service direct mail

Additional special feature for NC and PA cases